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Default Re: Composite extension

Originally Posted by Spyke
Yes, use older drivers since TNT2 is broke in the latest.
I've got a Riva TNT2 Model 64/64 Pro as detected by install process.
Would this "Broke" condition also affect the mouse curser appearance and action?
When I set the Driver in the Device section of xorg.conf to nvidia, my mouse is jumpy, the curser leaves garbage everywhere and is just unusable.
... works fine when set to nv, but there is no 3D.

Originally Posted by JimiQuakeKorne
Here's how I got the 6111 driver to compile and install with the Mandrake 2.6 kernel. It may work for you if you want to downgrade to 6111.
I tried the patch to 6111. Couldn't get it to work on FC3.


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