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Default Re: TV-out: system hangs on return to console

Originally Posted by mobtek
I've had the same probs, 4496 was the last time I had tvout working, it's driving me nuts too
I tried getting 4496 to work with the 2.6.7 kernel, but I got an error message. Does anyone know how to get these two to work together? I haven't tried the open source nv driver yet, maybe that's a solution (at the cost of speedy graphics).

Originally Posted by mobtek
NVIDIA, how many bugs reports do we have to send before this prob with the Ti4200's and tvout is fixed?
If they would at least reply to the bug reports and recognize the problem, I wouldn't be so pissed off about it.

Originally Posted by mobtek
Is there a better brand of supported video card under linux? If so, I'm buying it and dumping this in the trash. :<
Alas, I hear that ATI linux support is even worse. But if a better competitor arises, the NVIDIA card gets a one way ticket to the trash bin indeed. You know, occasionally I see messages on this board stating that we should be lucky that NVIDIA supports linux at all, and not complain so much. WTF?? They sell the card, claim it's supported for linux, then they'd better make it work! I bought this card specifically because of a) rumoured good linux support and b) tv-out. The fact that it DID work with the 4496 driver pisses me off even worse, this means that there is a solution out there, but they can't be bothered with re-implementing it. I wonder why.
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