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Default Re: Composite extension

Originally Posted by JimiQuakeKorne
Did you try to install an un-patched version of 6111? The compile problems I had w/6111 may have been specific to Mandrake or my kernel version.

Kernel sources installed?
Yes, I tried the un-patched version.
I installed all of the development stuff I could find, but now that I think about it I remember seeing the source iso's and figuring I wouldn't need them. That's 4 more CD's!
Is there any way I can get the kernel sources needed for this without DL'ing 4 more CD's?
I Think it'll be easier to order a more compatible video card. I've got a newer one on hand called "e-geforce4 64MB DDR MX440 8X Light Version". What a mouthful! Looks like the chip is a nVidia GeForce4 MX. Do you think that'll be any better? It should use the 6629 driver.

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