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GeForce4 Ti 4200
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Default GF4 Ti 4200 does not work with SuSE 8.0


OS is SuSE 8.0:

I have a problem with my card,
a GF4 (4200 Ti) , 128 MB .

The computer is brand new and so is my
Linux installation.
I installed Nvidia's RPMs for SuSE 8.0
kernel and glx)from the command line,
X-server not running.

No complaints during installation with "rpm -ivh xxx" (all according to Nvidia's installation instruction).

I used the X-Config program "sax2" to configure the display. I set it to 1024-768, 16,7 million
colors, 85 Hz V-sync. I chose the correct Nvidia
graphic card and activated the glx-option in
the 3D-properties. I did not play with any
expert-options in sax2.
The monitor can handle the resolution and frequencies. I also have Window-XP running on the
same disk and there everything works fine.

When I then try to test the X-server the monitor
becomes black and stays like that.
The system freezes.
The same when I just save the X-configuration
and start the X-server by runlevel 5 i.e.
The only choice I then have is to power off.

When I press CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE the system
powers off immediately.
When I use the card setting "VESA, 1024x768, 85 Hz" all is OK and at least I can use a GUI.

I don't know what is wrong.
I trusted in sax2 and did not try to find an
error in the X-configuration file.
Maybe I should, but what should I search for?
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