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Originally posted by vforge37
When you get booted back into the console, type in, as root:

modprobe NVdriver

see if it lets you load the nvidia driver or not.

If it works, then log back into your user account and type in:

This is somewhat different. It starts up and then fails with a "connection reset by peer" (error 104). It leaves me with a blank screen.


And see if it gives you any more details. Then submit your XF86Config-4 file onto this forum, and we'll see what's going on with that sucker.
File attached.


P.S. Could you let me know which drivers you're running? I.E. are you running the Suse precompiled binary drivers from nvidia's website, or the .tar.gz files?
I've tried the update from SuSE and the binary RPMs from the nvidia site. The files are the same for both the nvidia site and the SuSE automatic update download. I manually hacked my config first time (installing from the nVidia site) and with the SuSE update , sax did the work. Both with the same results.

The files are version 1.0-2960.

I kinda find this strange since I have an athlon at home with a similar card, but older nVidia drivers on SuSE 7.3 and have never had any problems.
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