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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Originally Posted by Razor1
Why are you talking about a benchmark of a demo? ATi's are not of a demo we are talking about the full final benchmark releases
You and others were "crying" that ATI had all the time in the world to tweak ... and NV had none....blah blah blah I was just trying to point out that the same case was present in Doom3. And the fact these same folks did not seem to mind when NV/Doom3 has this advantange. So if its good for one but not good for the other? Thats the point I was trying to make. We all know that NV and ID worked together to bring Doom3. We all know that ATI/Valve worked on HL2. Alls I am saying is we knew that NV was going to be faster in Doom3 with out looking at any bechmarks. Just as we know ATI was going to be faster in HL2.

And as you recall ATi now how has the game they aren't fixing their drivers to deliever better performance but doing shader replacement instead of fixing whats wrong.
Whats wrong with ATI drivers in Doom3 besides being a bit slower? My 9700pro played the game just fine. Abeit not at the FPS that NV users got. Besides since NV is doing shader replacement in Doom3 why shouldn't ATI? Good for the goose, good for the gander right?

Not saying they are biased I'm saying something else is going on. As I explaind reflect world and reflect all work similiarly. Unless reflect world is just a premade cubemap. Which you seem to have ignored. Its the process of how real time reflections are done that you and dave seem to have over looked.
I did not over look it I just dont know how value's water shader is working. Do you have the source for it as I would like to see it....

Also you would see the same huge speed drop in other games that use the same types of shaders and thats not happening in Far Cry is it?
But your comparing two differnet engines and expecting simular drops in simular effects? Your also forgetting HL2 water shader is around 90 instructions where as the most complicated shader in Farcry is only 60. Thats a big difference and the answer could lie in there.

This is Bjorn quering some Deanos'C comment about the codding for NV40 and X800.
If you think that Doom 3 was biased, what do you make of those coments?
Dave already answered the "ATI" level issues you had. And HL2 being ATI biased.....well Duh I would expect for 6 million you get som perks In that same thread that you quoted from I have already said that I am worried that IHV and Developer "realations" like this are bad for us consumers. So no I am not happy about what ATI and NV has done.
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