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Default Re: Official HardOCP HL2 benchmarks

Dave already answered the "ATI" level issues you had. And HL2 being ATI biased.....well Duh I would expect for 6 million you get som perks In that same thread that you quoted from I have already said that I am worried that IHV and Developer "realations" like this are bad for us consumers. So no I am not happy about what ATI and NV has done.
Agree 100% with this.But contrary to what a lot of people could say, Carmack did not went out of is way to slang one of the IHV, where Mr Newell promised 30% faster gameplay in ATI hardware.I know both IHV's support diferent devs, but normaly the performance across the board is simillar (OGL to NV D3D to ATI) but never too far off
Are we entering in a new era of Games on Demand For Your Fav IVH?
And then when Longhorn cames along and everyone needs to obey M$ specs, what then?

My 9700pro played the game just fine. Abeit not at the FPS that NV users got.
So does my GT on HL2.I'm not bothered with that.
But some people are.Even if in the rest of the games out there that is not the case
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