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Default Re: How to force shader precision to FP16 on a Geforce FX?

Well i probably shouldent discuss this here, but meh i will anyways.
The "Illegal" beta version of HL2 comes with the mixed mode (theres 2 dll's in the bin folder called nvfx_shader2.0.dll or something like that as i cant remmber the exact filename) Now if someone with the smarts would be able to somehow get that working in the "Final" HL2 we could use mixed mode. Not sure how to do it or i would do it myself.
But if you can somehow manage to aquire the files for the mixed mode from the beta and get them working, please let me know.

I have tested the beta MYSELF and the mixed mode does infact work,it even ran good with 2xAA and 4xAF at 1024x768, water reflections where there and stuff. I have a 5900XT, and when i tested it i was useing the 50 series of drivers. So nvidia maybe enhanced a few things since then.
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