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recompiling your kernel is one of the most sacred rites of passage in any *NiX environment. read chapter nine of the handbook (or i think it is nine). if you want to find out the guts of a kernel config file, check out /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT. just catalog it through less, and edit your one in another terminal

anyway, one of the biggest problems that i have noted on my new system (my amd rig) is graphical corruption!!! being the puritian monk that i am (as i was labelled yesterday for using FreeBSD), i use Blackbox as my windowing manager. this, in turn, uses qt for the rendering of the 'windows' and system menus. when i try to load up the default system menu (right mouse button click), i scroll down, and the mouseovers are not working properly. i think 'what the!...'. i then move my mouse a little further down... and system crash. i cant even kill the X server. so whenever i see that problem, i just exit out of the X server and restart X. i have never had this problem under Linux, and even under FreeBSD, the P2 systems have no issues. in my opinion, it has to be an AMD problem. GLX still works perfectly, but these occasional crashes are not particularly welcome... but knowing the perfectionists that are on the nvidia driver teams, i am sure that they will fix it either next release, or over the next few releases

*patiently waits for Detonator 4 to be released on Linux and BSD*

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