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Red Hat Linux 8.0 Release Notes
Kernel Notes


The kernel included in Red Hat Linux 8.0 is compiled with GCC version 3.2. Testing has shown that it is not possible to use kernel modules compiled with older (GCC 2.96 or previous) GCC compilers with GCC 3.2 compiled kernels. The kernel includes workarounds for older GCC bugs that change the signatures of data structures. These restrictions are not in use when GCC 3.2 is used. All kernel modules included in Red Hat Linux 8.0 are compiled with GCC 3.2; however, when using third-party modules it is important to make sure that every module and its dependent objects, in their entirety, is compiled with GCC 3.2. The modutils programs insmod and modprobe have rudimentary checks for this and will prevent loading of modules in the case of compiler version mismatches; these modules can be forced to load via the -f parameter.
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