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Question FX5900XT AA/AF - UT99 issue?

Since purchasing the FX5900XT this past spring it's been great for raw performance, but I have not been impressed with the AA/AF performance. Last night I decided to try 2xQ AA with UT2K4, and I liked what I saw. The performance did not take a hit and the stair-step effect was not as noticable when I took screenshots. So then I tried UT99 and it got a little choppy, with a strange white line at the top edge of the screen? Why would a much newer game embrace 2xQ AA while a 5 year old game would take such a performance hit? I'm playing both games in Direct3d mode, and am unwilling to switch to Opengl. I'm using the latest official patches, and the most recent D3D renderer for UT99 I could find. I kept AF at application-controled.

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