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Yeah, I've had and tried both of those suggestions myself. sndconfig says that the i810 isn't the correct card even when I tell it not to probe.

I've also changed the permissions on the mixer, using root, to 777 and still it doesn't work. I have yet to get sound. :-( I happen to have the spif add-in card. I wonder if that could be contributing to the problem.

Interestingly enough, I haven't tried to use sndconfig with a fresh install. I get no errors so I'm assuming the normal install process probes for a sound card and installs it. This tells me that it can't find a recognized card and therefore doesn't install the drivers.


A most likely unrelated problem: eth0 won't receive data using dhcp (even though my entire command center, minus my print server, uses DHCP), it will only work when I statically assign an IP. Hmpf.

Thanks for all your thoughts...

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