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Default Overclocking a 6800 NU

Hey everybody, I'm a noob to this forum, and have been a proud owner of a Chaintech 6800 NU for about 3 weeks now. Sorry if this question has been asked, but I couldn't find it with the search feature.

I'm trying to overclock my 6800 NU from 325/700 to 355/755. I have RivaTuner downloaded and I'm using Det 66.93. I'm also using the pipeline/shader soft mod @ 16x1 6vp.

In rivatuner, I've noticed that low-level overclocking is grayed out. So to overclock I use driver-level overclocking. I set my clock speeds to 355/755 and test them. After they pass, I save it to startup settings and exit. I went to the Nvidia display settings and check the clock settings and also found them at 355/755. ALL GOOD? well.....

My problem is when I go back to RivaTuner and look under low-level OCing, it shows the GPU still clocked at 325MHz. The thing is, my memory was successfully clocked to 755MHz. I also check the System Details setting under 3DMark 03 & 05 and they also display my GPU at 325MHz and memory at 755MHz.

So, which is it? Is my GPU failing to OC? If the driver settings show my GPU at 355MHz, should I trust them? Or is 3DMark showing the ACTUAL clock speed and Rivatuner is just failing to change the clock speed of the GPU?

And Fianlly, How do I enable Low-level overclocking with RivaTuner?

Thanks for any and all help,
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