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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

Do you mean that anything above 515/ 1120 seems to be pointless as in no gains are evident? Or do you get artifacts/ freezes/ general instability? What temperature does your card run at at these clocks? The "clock throttling" issue may be a factor in the older 50-series Detonators also, but I cannot verify. Basically what this means is that the drivers will clock the card down under certain conditions, eg. running warm. It became a real problem in the 60-series drivers as the card would downclock while running 3D apps. fairly consistantly- even casual gaming. The "fix" is to install Rivatuner, and allow overclocking of the "low power 3D" mode. Simply set this mode to the same value as the "regular" 3D mode and that will prevent the throttling...
Also, which type of cooler is on your card? If you have the "ultra" cooler (some NU5800s did) you should not have many problems with cooling- if you have the smaller cooler then temperature may become a factor over 500Mhz as that cooler was intended for only 400Mhz...
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