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Arrow Half Life 2 DX9 - Spivey returns

Hi all you peeplez.

I'm back... probably noone remembers me...okay, cool

I've been realy enjoying my Albatron 5900nu until Half Life 2 where I get only DX8.1! Probably a beaten down subject by now. Going to get an Albatron 6600 GT I suppose for christmas. I upgraded my system except my RAM which is old winbond Mushkin 2100 running in dual channel for over a gig.

Anyways I'm back in college and still gameing a little - Biology major.

Question: Will it ever be possible to play Half Life 2 in DX9 with my 5900nu?
Could a patch or new driver set fix this or is this a technological limitation?

I'd love to se Half Life 2 in full DX9 dammit! You would expect my card should be capable at a general consumer level knowledge.

Be chatting with you guys,

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