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Default Re: Overclocking a 6800 NU

Originally Posted by JWhipple
Based on the first attachment to the left above, I would say 355.. What program is that?

The reason I say that is that since the driver is reporting on thing, and a 3rd party app another, it's time to go to a neutral party and see what they have to say!
What you'd you consider a neutral party software? Please give an example. I've seen others mention cool bits? Should I give that a try? Or are their programs like CPU-Z for graphic cards?

Oh!, and sorry for not including the logo, but the first attached pic was from 3DMark 2005. Futuremark's System Details screen seems to be spot on accurate with everything else. That's way it conserns me that it only reports 324MHz on my GPU while everything else reports 355. BTW, I now find that RivaTuner/Low-Level Overclocking screen shows 355MHz also. It's just 3DMark showing the default clock speed now.
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