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Default Re: OT: Half life 2 porting petition

Originally Posted by MattNeedsHelp
I know a lot of people who were upset that when they bought the pre-order for an extra 10 bucks without knowing it was a preorder. Seems it wasn't advertised as a pre-order at the store. They got the thing installed just to find out they had to wait another 3 days+ to get on the internet to unlock the game.
That wasn't a "preorder". Valve knew that some disreputable stores were selling games before they were supposed to in order to make more money. In order to keep things "fair" for everyone, Valve decided to make it where the game would need to be unlocked first, and the unlocking would only start on the official launch date when the stores were SUPPOSED to start selling it. Anyone who had to wait bought it from a store selling early instead of waiting for the official launch date.
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