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Default Visual artifacts with new FX 5900XT card, none with Geforce 4?

A month or so ago, my ATI Radeon 9700 card fatally crashed in the middle of a gaming session. The screen filled with random-colored flickering pixels. When I rebooted, the screen had random visual artifacts all over, both in text mode as well as in Windows. I swapped in my old Geforce 4 Ti 4200 and things worked perfectly. Figuring it was a cooling problem, I tried with a new fan, but this did not work either. The ATI card showed the same visual artifacts in another computer, so I concluded that there was a problem with the card and that I needed a new one.

Today I (finally) received my replacement card, an Nvidia Geforce 5900 XT. To my dismay, upon plugging in the card into my computer, the same visual artifacts appeared (purplish big pixels in regular arrays or lines across the screen) when I booted the computer again. Now, it refuses to boot altogether and just sits there with a black screen. Argh. Something is definitely wrong, and I can't for my life figure out why.

If anyone has any advice to offer in this regard, I would be most grateful.

Random thoughts:
1. My PSU has a 300W output, could this be the problem? I have seen a few other people posting here with similar problems, and the recommendation seems to be to get a 400W+ PSU. How certain can I be of this, and why did it work before and not now when no hardware additions were made?

2. My BIOS is does not allow me to configure the AGP settings. Using Sandra I get the following information:

AGP Capabilities
Version : 2.00
Command Queue Length : 32
Fast-Writes Enabled : No
Fast-Writes Support : Yes
Side Band Enabled : Yes
Data Transfer Modes Support : 1x 2x 4x
Current Data Transfer Rate : 4x

Is there some way I can configure the AGP settings when my BIOS does not seem to let me? The Nvidia driver said that the FX 5900 was using AGP 8x mode, but according to this, 8x is not supported by my mobo?

3. The GA-7VAXFS card supposedly has AGP 8x support, but maybe I need to upgrade my BIOS? (I am a bit reluctant due to the fact that I cannot seem to find my exact mobo on Gigabyte's site and thus I am not sure about flashing the BIOS.)

Computer setup: (Please tell me if I missed something.)
Model : AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+
Speed : 2.17GHz
Bus(es) : ISA AGP PCI IMB USB FireWire/1394 i2c/SMBus
MP Support : 1 CPU(s)
System BIOS : Award Software International, Inc. F7
System : Fujitsu Siemens GA-7VAXFS
Mainboard : Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-7VAXFS
Model : Giga-Byte Technology VT8377 Apollo KT400/A/600 CPU to PCI Bridge
Front Side Bus Speed : 2x 167MHz (334MHz data rate)
Total Memory : 1GB DDR-SDRAM
Memory Bus Speed : 2x 167MHz (334MHz data rate)
Adapter : NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200
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