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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Originally Posted by -=DVS=-
Heh ultimate tweak for EQ2 if ya got 1 gig or over of RAM , turn off Virtual Ram / Pageing File.

No more Hard Drive torture , zones load faster , no suttering related to HDD

I'll give it a try because I renig my preveous comment. This game is "beeped". It runs ok when first loaded but give it about 1-2 hours and it's not even playable, espeically in cities. It doesn't matter what options you run in game or in the NV control panel.

I guess they're limiting it to a NV problem and here's a response from SOE.

ok, here is what we have, the issue with the geforce 6800 GT has been sent to Nvidia to have them figue out why increasing the AA works, next, the majority of the issue people are having as far as connectivity and crashes are due to firewalls and routers, pop up blockers, etc... next crashing at play, this is hardware related, check drivers and direct x , this may be also due to service pack 2 but we are not sure, seems that some are fixed when service pack 2 is removed the direct x 9.0 c re-installed, next, crashing at the character select play screen, this is networking, again, check the usual. Next FPS issues, these are only being eased by driver updates and proper mainenance, but it is improving as we continue to fix issues we run across, please keep the /bug reports coming, we are paying attention.
So whatever. As much as I like this game I'll give the game up to two months and if it's not fixed I'll cancel my subscribtion.

Also, disabling the virtual ram, what is the downside to that and is virtual ram and page filing two different things? I found virtual ram options but nothing on page filing.
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