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Default Re: EverQuest 2 performance discussion thread

Originally Posted by borntosoul
the game is a system killer full stop! the computer needs to be running as few things as possible, make sure of that. for me, once i reinstalled windows it ran much better, system needs to be ultra clean. 1 gig of mem helps for loading times (from experience). also i like to add to the people who bought expensive cards (6800u) and are complaining about performance- the game is designed to be enjoyed for years to come, so dont complain if youre brand spanking new vid card cant play it 80% + graphic quality. JUST ENJOY THE DAMN GAME, swallow your pride and turn the setting down a bit, i know its a bit slow but hey, you cant have everything.
lol, it doesn't matter what setting you play at, it swaps no matter what. I've done the lowest setting possiable and it's no differnt once the stuttering starts.
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