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Smile Re: Very strange problem of Nvidia driver 6113 in FreeBSD 5.3. Please help!!

I figured out the problem!!!! By the time I wrote my cvsup file I was unexperienced using freebsd and I had an src-all specified in that file. This means that when I cvsup my system, the entire kernel source is updated. So, if later I install the Nvidia driver it gets compiled against this updated kernel source. Since I'm running a kernel that is different from the kernel source, the driver hangs the entire system. It would be nice if the compile script or Makefile of the Nvidia driver could check if the kernel source matches the running kernel and issue a warning or something.
Compiling a new kernel from the updated kernel source is not an option to me since other packages, that depend from the previous kernel could crash. I would have to update the whole packages and that could take ages downloading and compiling.Also, I have limited downloads from my ISP.
So, I reinstalled the whole system and upgraded only the ports tree and installed the driver with no problems.
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