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Exclamation nvsound problem

Hi everybody...
I got a problem with nvsound on Fedora 2...
Tried kernel 2.6.5-1.358, tried 2.6.8-1.512 and now 2.6.9-1.2_FC2 "testing" kernel (that resolved some cdrecord issues, so is my default kernel now).
Audio "seems" to work correctly, but it "clips" on Flash movies that play sounds in backlground and I have to select some wierd options using mplayer to have audio sync'd with video.

System Log talks of some FATAL ERROR in install instructions for nvsound in mod.conf, but without those instructions, driver wouldn't even load.

I'm not exactly a newbie... I mean, I menaged to make my Raddy 9700Pro work with 3D accelleration here... so even if there some recompiling needed, I'm ok.

Motherboard is K8NX-X, chipset nForce2, running on a Barton 2500+@3200+ ( ) and some other naughty stuff...
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