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Default asus v9900 fx5800 instalation problems (screenshot inside)

hi all..
a few days ago... ive bought a new grafic card... an asus fx5800!
( yeah... i know that its a discontinued product... blame me ) but im having troubles with it... when i turn on the computer... first all seems ok.. but a few minutes later, the screen monitor goes crazy... looks like an puzzle! like having random blocks of what should be the output! and sometimes.. it looks good, with none of this problems!

not even in bios setup i can see the output well..
is this a power supply issue?
do i need to change the agp voltage?
did anyone had this trouble before?
what can i do to resolve/debug this?
is there some software that runs tests on my agp card and memory?
pleeeeease do helpme!

heres some screenshots... sorry for the low qual

intel p43.2 on a msi 865pe-neo-2 platinum+1gbkinston
asus v9900 fx5800
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