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Default Re: Visual artifacts with new FX 5900XT card, none with Geforce 4?

First of all, thanks for your response. Since posting, I have upgraded my PSU to a 450W unit, and the problem persists; in fact, now the computer refuses to boot altogether with the FX 5900 installed; it still works fine with the Geforce 4.

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
How long did the 9700 work correctly? (months, days, weeks?)
Test the 5900 somewhere else.
My 9700 worked approximately 1.5 years without flaw before the fatal failure. I will try the 5900 in my other computer today and see if it makes any difference.

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
You could be extremely unlucky and have 2 randomly damaged vid cards but looks like a damaged mobo to me... possibly the ti4200 requires less voltage and is unaffected, but your mobo may be frying agp 8x cards. (worst case scenario)
Hmm, I see. The new 5900 just arrived, so if it does not work in my other computer, then I am hoping I can send it back and get a replacement. And then I will obviously replace my motherboard before I try again.

Originally Posted by Daneel Olivaw
Maybe you should turn off sideband and fw, maybe nothing's wrong and its just a setting that not as it should be.
I wish I could, but my motherboard is some silly OEM version of a standard Gigabyte motherboard and the BIOS does not give me control over the AGP settings. I tried finding a newer version of the BIOS, but to no avail; the actual mobo is not listed at all on Gigabyte's website and I am not yet desperate enough to try and flash a BIOS that "sounds similar" (I have a GA-7VAXFS, the closest I can find is GA-7VAX).

Anyway, thanks for your response! I will investigate further.
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