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Hi there great dude!

I've reinstalled RedHat, and this time I've selected GeForce 2 MX Generic as the display driver. I can work within X now. But there are things (FOR THE LAST TIME) I need to know. Please help again.

First: What if I install GLX package with i386 type, and a i686 type driver withing same computer? Will they communicate? I ask this because there is no i686 GLX in nVidia's page. There are Source packages, but I f**king don't know anything about recompiling a source package. That's why I need binary ones.

Second: RedHat correctly recognizes my monitor, I select the resolution. It's perfect. Except one thing. I need to change refresh rate to 75 rather then 85. Because my monitor makes noises with 85hz. BUT I COUDN'T FIND ANY XCONFIG PROGRAM TO CHANGE REFRESH RATE??

And the last one, I've choosen to add a bootloader in Primary boot partition rather then Master boot record. I did this because RedHat told me to do so if I have NT in my computer. But when I reboot, I can't see any bootloaders, just f**king XP starts, with no prompt. How can I reinstall LILO?


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