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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

Originally Posted by jimmor
For some reason, I had a vague feeling that 5800nu and 5800u cards used diff memory types.

However if they both use same memory type, then nothing to stop flashing a 5800nu with a 5800u bios -----> apart from ensuring the card has adequate heatsinking/cooling to cope with increased temps?


Just compared a 5800 bios with a 5800u bios and found speed tables to be same, 2D is 300/600, Throttling is 400/800, and 3D is at 500/1000.

So maybe temps wont be an issue unless for overclocking ?
You are correct. The 5800 uses DDR clocked at 400mhz(800mhz effective) and the 5800U uses DDRII clocked at 500mhz(1ghz effective). Isn't DDR faster if clocked to the same speed as DDRII?
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