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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

There needed to be a fix for this right after release. To get "TWIMTBP' logo every time I log in, and then get performance that is comparable to my 3 year old 9700pro is just sad.

There is no way it should have made it to shipping like this. The 6800 series has been out for what, 6+ months? Did all the developement and testing at Sony happen on FX series or ATI hardware? Did no one at NVidia review the gold release to make sure it lived up to whatever "The Way It's" logo is supposed to imply? It just blows me away.

Sorry for the rant, but after 3 weeks of watching my $400 dollar GT perform like tech from 4 generations ago, it's leaving a very sour taste.
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