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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

Originally Posted by ricercar
My ASUS non-U has DDR2, and says so on the box, regardless of the ASUS website claim.
My AOpen 5800 non-U has DDR2.
My two PNY 5800U have DDR2.

The NVIDIA NV30 reference design specifies DDR2 for 5800, 5800U, FX1000, FX2000.
So are we now saying that even although manufacturers like ASUS, MSI and XFX advertise 5800 cards with DDR memory, they never actually made any and are therfore lying; or being economical with the truth as some might put it ??


To add to the question of there being actual 5800nu cards with DDR memory; here is firingsquad product info on a XFX 5800,

The XFX data clearly states that 5800 uses DDR and 5800u uses DDR2 ??
The more I know, the more I know I don't know

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Codecreatures1, 90.8
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3Dmark03 v360, 14334
3Dmark06 v102, 2949
3Dmark2001se v330, 23793.

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