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Default Re: Half Life 2 DX9 - Spivey returns

Originally Posted by anzak
Your card can run in DX9 mode, but only at lower resolutions with no AA and low AF. I belive the command is mat_dxlevel 90 . If you want to switch back to 8.1 mode replace the 90 with 81.
Well I find this a bit strange. I'm running HL2 at 1152x864 with everything maxed out with Aniso 8x and AA x4 and HL2 engine is super fast. I'm executing my own cfg file to force HL2 engine to run in Directx9 mode with the following:

mat_dxlevel 90
mat_clipz 0
cl_ShowSunVectors 1
r_waterforcereflectentities 1

In game when I check the video option it shows that the engine is in Directx9 mode but I'm not really sure if that's true because like I said the game is super fast. I can't even use AAx4 on FarCry and that is Directx9 engine...
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