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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

Originally Posted by ricercar
I defy you to find a NV30 card—5800, 5800 Ultra, 1000 or 2000—that does not have Samsung DDRII. They do not exist.

My guess is that someone made a mistake in the NV30 marketing collateral and regular DDR was propagated throughout the OEM marketspace. NV30 DDR exists only on paper, not in hardware.

No point in defying anybody to go and find a 5800 card with DDR memory, since most sensible people wouldn't want one -----> I know I certainly wouldn't.

With all the powerfull vga cards available today, why would anybody think a 5800 was a current worthwhile purchase ------> unless of course it was maybe found on ebay at a bargain rock bottom price ?

Maybe we will never know, or maybe someone will eventually be identified as having one, maybe only an initial production version, or early development model ----> who knows, only time will tell.

Also, even if you are right that 5800 data at the diff manufacturer and distributer websites is completely wrong simply because of some long past bungled PR/Marketing exercise; it just means that untill someone finds some supporting evidence to prove it, then it is just another open ended theory ?
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