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Default Resurrect Serious Sam?

Good day all,

As many of you already know, although Serious Sam (both the First and Second Encounters) were ported to Linux some time back. I played it (single user) shortly after it was ported and although I did have a few problems with the collision detection bug (, I was able to use the "please fly" command and get back in business.

Lately I have been playing online with a few friends, but the collision dectection bug totally destoys the fun of the game since it seems to happen every ten minutes or so of play ("please fly" doesn't work online).

I would really like to see both versions completed. I have donated money to Ryan "Icculus" Gordon in the past, so I was thinking of setting up a fund to complete the games. All money would all be donated to icculus with the specific purpose to complete the porting of the games. I know he is busy with a lot of other tasks, so that is why I am not proposing the work to be done for nothing. I also don't know if icculus would even accept this offer.

Also, since there are several bugs, a prioritization of the bugs in the order of importance would have to be determined.

This is just a post just to see if anybody else thinks this is a good idea or bad idea, and to see if anybody would be interested in donating to the project.

Thanks for reading,
Kenton A. Groombridge
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