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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

So do we all agree at least on the recommendation that he not flash his BIOS? Personally, I think there would be no point. As has been stated, he could modify the core voltage if he desires. Even with that, I doubt his 5800NU is going to clock much higher than he has been able to push it already. I believe that the 5800 GPUs were meticulously speed-graded with the most stout ending-up on the "Ultra" boards (of which there are/ were very, very few). If I recall, BFG had to cancel the Ultra "pre-order" because nVidia ran out of GPUs that were graded for Ultra boards. Not that most NU boards can't run at 500/ 1000, it's just likely not going to clock much higher than that, particularly if he has the single-slot cooler-
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