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Default Re: Bios mod for 5800NU

Originally Posted by ricercar
My 5800 clocks to 517/1000 MHz, just over 5800 U defaults. My 5800 Ultras all clock 517-525/1100-1200 MHz, so there's definitely an advantage to the real off-the-shelf ultra over a vanilla in my experience.

Did anyone ever see a consumer Ultra with the green translucent blower fan? The only ones I saw were engineering samples, not consumer cards.
I've seen plenty of green coolers in review pics, but never made it to retail (thankfully- they were really ugly). Indeed the advantage of the Ultra-graded cores is there. I have one that will run over 550 core. I never really pushed it beyond that, and I don't overclock it at all (except the "low-power" 3D mode which is clocked @ 500/ 100) anymore... really don't see the need...
And one other thing- your power supply needs to be pretty beefy to overclock these cards stably. Not sure what the minimum requirement would be to successfully overclock with, but I'm guessing 400 Watts assuming a quality power supply.
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