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Default Re: *.* 6600GT Benchmark *.*

Hmm....I got only 3279 3DMarks in 3dmark05 with my computer (see sig.) Then again I haven't overclocked my video card.

EDIT: Ok I added the coolbits registry entries into a stock (unmodified) nvidia 66.93 driver, and did the "Detect Optimal Frequencies" option, and it clocked the card to 579mhz core, 1.16ghz memory. After running 3dmark05 in this configuration, I got 3715 3DMarks.

It's also worthy of noting that even without overclocking, doom 3 runs *perfectly* in ultra high quality mode with the configuration I have mentioned in my signature.

FWIW I noticed a huge performance increase when I returned my single corsair 512MB PC5400 DDR2 dimm (which cost $150) and replaced it with two generic 512MB PC4200 DDR2 dimms (which cost $99 each.) It's probably the dual channel memory configuration that gives it such a speed increase. Having a name brand probably doesn't change much.
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