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Default Re: Counter-Strike: Source Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Superfly
I do suggest optimizing your network settings for this game - use the net_graph 2 command to see how well your connection is doing - you are looking for as flat a bar as possible!!! with NO spikes!!!

I had HUGE spikes before optimization.
Good for you, I have zero spikes. I don't need to touch my settings, they are fine for me, never get a ping higher then 40 on the servers I play on.

The guns are balanced great, just need to know how to use them. If your unloading an entire clip into a single enemy then your using it wrong... Burst and single shots are how to shoot... If you just autofire the spray gets huge and you will miss almost all vital shots (You can get lucky).

I personally love the ability to shoot through doors and certain walls (not all walls can be shot through). It makes the game feel slightly more realistic without going R6 on us...
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