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Default Re: Counter-Strike: Source Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
The guns are balanced great, just need to know how to use them. If your unloading an entire clip into a single enemy then your using it wrong... Burst and single shots are how to shoot... If you just autofire the spray gets huge and you will miss almost all vital shots (You can get lucky).

I personally love the ability to shoot through doors and certain walls (not all walls can be shot through). It makes the game feel slightly more realistic without going R6 on us...
Well, here's how I look at it (sorry for the simplicity). I see an enemy, place my crosshairs ANYWHERE on him and fire. I don't have bad aim (unless I try to play at 3AM and I'm tired). Even watching other people fight after I'm dead, they can shoot 6-9 feet BESIDE the other person and still hit them. WTF? Btw, Hitboxes suck.

I've been playing CS:S since it's release and I'm just saying that there are a lot of things that aren't balanced. Like [H]ardOCP's article, CS:S is still BETA. I hope that Valve can take the time and fix these things because it is a great MP game. For the meantime, I'm pwning on HL2DM.
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