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Question Linux, GeForce4, TV-Output blurry

I'm new to the whole Linux biz. I have a custom-built machine, that I'm multi-booting Win98/XP/Mandrake9 on, and I have the TV set as the default display for all OS's (its a killer setup, really, big screen HD TV, the works).

After jumping through all the appropriate hoops to get Linux and the nVidia GeForce 4 MX 420 (no laughing) to get along, I have discovered that the TV-output in Linux is CONSIDERABLY more blurry than in either Windows installation.

I suspect that there might be 2 problems, but I'm not enough of an expert to figure out which one it is. Either XFree86 is implementing some kind of full-scene anti-aliasing on the desktop (can it happen?), or the "flicker filter" function available to Windows users is misadjusted in Linux, and I haven't figured out how to re-adjust it. Anyone else having problems with blurry TV output in Linux with a GF4 card?
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