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Default Re: Counter-Strike: Source Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
What you see while dead is not what the current player see's, You aren't wathcing 100% realtime, there is a delay. As for you shooting when your crosshair is on a player... again shoot in single fire or bursts and you will always hit the person, Autofire is likes pratically turning around and firing at the wall insted.

Actually do that, load up the game and create a server, buy an M4 and unload a clip into the wall, you will see the spray pattern. The AK47 has a vertical spray due to the kick, you need to aim mainly for the groin if you plan on holding fire down.
I always fire in bursts and or single fire mode and agree with what you are trying to say here, however I think your blind to some quite obvious issues in CS:S.

Hitboxes are rubbish - you can demo this by starting a server with just a friend and using different weapons on each other from different ranges etc.

also being shot through a concrete/stone wall is just lame and very unrealistic. - I do totally agree with being able to shoot through the wooden boxes etc though - that is a good thing!!

It is not how bad the problem is, but how badly it's hurting the person who has it......
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