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Default Lowered mem latencies: huge boost!

I've decided to tweak the bios of my card with Omniextreme edit. I have an XFX 5700U. Since the first day I had it, I noticed how hot it ran. True, it was a good overclocker (could reach 600Mhz on the core and 1050 MHz on the RAM) but when I ran it at stock speeds I was a little disappointed.

Yesterday I took the chance to download the BIOS and examine it with Omniextreme edit. Core voltage was set at 1.4V. A little high, considering that at 2D is only 1.1V and NV40 (which are built by IBM with the same process) use 1.3V. So I tried to lower the core voltage and see if the card was stable enough. I fired up some demos and I noticed that the card temperature was 5-6 degree lower under stress while still being able to hit 520+ MHz of core. Not bad!

Next, the timings... I knew that DDR-2 had higher timings but those set in my BIOS were... very conservative! 21 24 14 7 8 I spent nearly two hours changing one parameter at time, rebooting and testing efficiency and stability... while I could lower the memory timings down to 16 20 10 5 6 I preferred to keep some margin and go for 18 21 12 6 7 instead (memory is still able to surpass the 1 GHz mark)

The performance boost I was able to obtain surpassed my wildest expectations! Just some figures at stock speed

3DMark2003 (Det 65.73 quality mode, no optimizations): 3720 > 3980
Doom 3 timedemo (1024x768 high quality, no aniso) 25.6 > 28.5 and with shadows disabled from 32.4 > 40.7 !!!

I can say I've beated the sh!t out of this card
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