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Unhappy No OpenGL or Direct3d icons or settings

I hope anyone can help me with this.

I have recently bought a FX5900XT from Pixelview to replace the FX5200 I had installed so I would have a better card for when Halo2 or Half-life 2 comes out.

However after installing the drivers I noticed that I did not have the direct 3d or the OpenGL in the card settings under display properties.

I also noticed some latency in the first level of Need for Speed underground, it is a bith sluggish in the beginning burt after a few minutes the game runs smooth. Any ideas on this???

If ther is anyone out there I would really like to know what is goin on and maybe has some basic settings for this card.

I have aKoolance watercooled Case, ASUS P4P800 Deluxe mainboard, 2.6Mhz CPU, 1GB memory (dual channel), 120GB HDD with a soundblaster Audigy 2 and a Pixelview Nvidia FX 5900 XT (the one with the plasma LCD display)

I really need help with this because I want to know what is wrong. I already started changing some settings but this did not work.

I would relly apreciate anyones help with this issue.
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