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Question Re: Riva TNT2 compatability

Hi all,

This is my first post here, so I know better than to ask you to be gentle....especially with the problem I'm having.

I actually have, yes HAVE, a RIVA TNT2 ULTRA 32MB AGP card! (You may shudder now)

After you get all your wisecracks out ("is that what cavemen used to view their drawings?" etc), maybe someone can offer some advice on getting the thing to work, not for gaming, just working.

Yes, I know I can get a better card cheap etc etc.

The problem, which I've seen others report elsewhere too, is that the card causes the system to hang during the bootup. (I can boot into safe mode, or VGA mode @ 640x480/8bit)

I humble myself before you gods of gaming to request your assistance in this matter...

My "Model T" setup:

P3 800Mhz
Jabil Maverick 440BX board 100Mhz FSB
Integrated ATI Rage Pro 4MB (ick)
WinXP Pro
Current 67.20 nVidia Drivers (Didn't work with 66.93 either)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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