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Default Re: Lowered mem latencies: huge boost!

Originally Posted by rewt

I use these timings on my 5900NU 128MB DDR

Timing A: 64
B: 17
C: 19
D: 11
E: 6
F: 6

Memory overclocks to 1020MHz without issues. (BTW all timings except for Timing A were obtained from a stock BFG 5900XT bios) I got a little help with timing A from jimmor here on these forums.

Why did you stick with the timings of the BFG XT bios, rather than finding out what was best for your card/bios/memory ??

For instance, have you tried 9-19-11-5-6 ??

And as you know my 59xx bios modding guide also indicates that the bios timing string structure covers more than just these five values !
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Intel P4 3.2 @ 3.85GHz (ASUS P4C800E-Deluxe)
BFG 6800GS (16x1,6vp) @ 300/430/1200.

Driver, 82.12 :-
Aquamark3, 75039
Codecreatures1, 90.8
3Dmark05 v120, 6195
3Dmark03 v360, 14334
3Dmark06 v102, 2949
3Dmark2001se v330, 23793.
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