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Default MDK10 - Asus 6800 Ultra - 6629 drivers - no games work

I have been running Mandrake 10 with a GF 4 Ti 4600 for years with no probs ever.

Then I installed an ASUS 6800 V9999 Ultra Deluxe . . . Bad move . . .

Linux io 2.6.3-7mdk #1 Wed Mar 17 15:56:42 CET 2004 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

Machine spec:
P4 2.4Ghz
1x Nvidia 6800 Ultra
Benq 19" flat panel
19" CRT
1x GF 2 PCI
15" CRT

X works fine with all three heads.

If I try running Doom3 - It is brilliant . . . for no more than 5 minutes until it freezes and the sound sort of gets stuck - but I can still ssh in and kill it

If I run ArmyOps 2.1 - it works first time but with sound a bit stuttering. If I exit and run it again - black screen of death - machine completely dead - hardware re-boot

If I then rm -rf ~/.armyops210 - it works again still with stuttering sound - once only - must rm -rf ~/.armyops210 directory again to run it again.

If I run UT2004 - same as ArmyOps
havn't tried latest version of UT2004 yet though - (seems little point)

I have tried:
- The two previous versions of the NV drivers - same problem
- latest patches for armyops and doom3
- Looking for firmware updates on ASUS site - none available
- Upgraded mobo from a AGP4x to AGP8x - no difference
- Upgrading PS to 500w - no difference
- Complete OS re-install - no difference
- Bitching to my friends - no friends left

See attachments for:
- XF86Config-4 (a bit messy - has evolved over many years - but it does work)
- X boot log
- Army ops log of crash
- glxinfo output

I have seen lots of posts with similar probs with the 6800 cards, maybe they are just duds. Lucky I didn't trade my GF4.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Will try latest patch for UT2004 and post result back here

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