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Default Re: Counter-Strike: Source Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Pimp!
i take it you havent played previous versions of CS, back then you could shoot through ALOT more stuff than you can in source

only time you can shoot through the walls now is on its corners
yup - never touched it in my life until source.

Its in desperate need of some new maps - especially for those people that HAVE played it before in 1.6!!! - you must be sooo bored of whats on offer right now!!

Also I fail to see how being shot through the "corner" of an ancient stone wall "aztec map" thats equivilent to 2-3 feet thick with ANY rifle is just plain silly - not to mention an exploit that people are taking advantage of.

I like the game - and have no issues with wooden crates etc being soft enough to shoot through - but stone walls?? - come on be serious.
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