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Default Re: OT: Half life 2 porting petition

Originally Posted by oldsk00l
Oh, I will do faaaar worse than bitch, I just won't buy it. Any of it. I hope never to purchase ANY software that doesn't have a Linux port, ever again.

This is far more effective than complaining and buying it. It is also certainly more effective than buying and not complaining. Gah, that's about the worst solution I've ever heard of in my entire life, to a problem like this.

That's like "Hmm, maybe we should try and put the fire out" "Stop your bitching and throw some more fuel at it".
This post reminds me of a Family Guy quote:

"Look, I know you're a feminist, and I think that's adorable...but right now, the men need to talk."

Basically, you and a few other people not buying the game as some sort of bastardized version of a 1950s sit-in isn't going to do anything. Keep up the good work though, I guess.
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