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Default Re: OT: Half life 2 porting petition

Quite frankly, HL2 is "just a game". It's just more shooting, more cutscenes, and dialogue, and pretty graphics. It's not worth paying $$$ to acquire software that's not able to run natively on an OS that I'm running. Valve is out my $50, and I'm quite content.

I don't see how anyone here is adamant that "YOU MUST BUY HL2, AND STFU". That's retarded, no I don't want HL2 unless there's a Linux version, and I don't care if Valve NEVER makes Linux binaries. It's just a game.

No, I will NEVER buy software from a company that steals and obfuscates code openly. Transgaming has never credited back to the FOSS philosophy and their business practice is highly questionable. Plus it's ghey to use a slow wrapper for software.

If Valve never releases binaries, then in turn, I will NEVER buy HL2. It's all very simple, and everyone seems to be missing the point.
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