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Default Re: Riva TNT2 compatability

Originally Posted by sedgy
The TNT2 is a great card. I used to have it, and it worked with call of duty! but only with the latest drivers from so it should work.
btw it shouldnt be in a museum u foolz its the only card i havent had problems with and it runs everything. (except bf, doom, halo.) so there :P
Well put sedgy. I used to have a 500mhz comp with a TNT2 in it and it worked great. It definately had a harder time with the new stuff, but it still played sweet. Sure you wont have all that fancy stuff (nowadays) but at least you get to play the game.
So do what sedgy suggested and you should be ok. Otherwise, there are some really dirt cheap replacement cards out there (if worst comes to worst).
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