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Default Re: Everquest 2. I think I may have a partial solution to stuttering.

Originally Posted by mustrum
Shows once again that the program is "The way it'S meant to be payed" and not played.
Nvidia seems to give a you know what about performance. The just put a sticker on the box and that's it.
For a short while i regretted that i switched over from a x800. Fraps reporting 100+ FPS while i played HL2 (the ATI game) made me happy again though.
EQ2 is the game i play most atm but it's only one game and the bug will be fixed hopefully soon.

Don't jump so fast like me. Now that I got a few hours in.... The X800Xt all be it faster(in that game) is buggy as hell in that game. The whole process was a nightmare from installing the drivers to trying to get the game run right with AA amongst other graphically errors. Talk about 4 years of ATI flashbacks that lead me here to team green. And the whole IQ controversity, please....

Needless to say the X800 is back at the store. The 6800GT is back in the system with a brand new NV5 silencer strapped to her back

Just going to be patient and weait for that fix.
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