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Talking Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

I don't know about WoW but i got EverQuest 2 there is way more stuff to do then any other MMO i playd more then just wack and slash xp sink hog,

Amazing Graphics for the future (a bit slow on current hardware)
Lotsa Quests (solo,group,raid,ect , got some very nice instanced quest reduced mob campeing greatly )
Houseing and decorations (own a house or apartament in different places not just inn , get stuff to decorate inside , have pets ect ect.)
Crafting items ( awesome game in itself , gather resource build from cheap to rare items) (Food/Clothing/Metal work/Wood work/Alchemy/Skill makeing ect)
Dynamic world (world interacts with itself , wolf hunting deer , dog chases cats ect to much to name , day and night changes in real time , night sky looks like real !! , fog , rain ect ect).
Awesome character customization.

Can probably name more
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