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Default Re: World of Warcraff or EverQuest 2

It is very difficult to say,
I own Everquest 2 and I can give you the reasons why i baught it instead of World of Warcraft because i think that would be more effective a displaying my thoughts rather than saying one is better than the other because I simply have not played World of Warcraft.

I baught Everquest 2 because I thought it was my congruent to my style of online play. I originally owned Ultima Online and absolutly loved it. The formation of player guilds and variations of players astounded me and I wanted another game that would reflect that. So I baught Everquest 2.
With its Guild system and prestege, player creations, classes and artisans really gave me hope of what it could be. After playing it for over a month I must say that I am both impressed and confussed. This game is bloody huge and the graphics are awesome (if you have a computer that can run it). That said, the game is also very complex and hard to understand...even now i feel as though I know only 5% of it all. I wish Everquest 2 was easier to get a hold of and become attached, I feel as though I'm trying understand this game but it just keeps pushing me back with its complexity (i.e Artisan many items to create, so many little hard to find pieces to find. One other thing that I liked about Ultima Online is that you could enjoy the game playing as an Individual or with a group/guild. Everquest 2 does not allow you the oppertunity to enjoy the game (advance in lvl and prestige) without having to rely on finding a group; both in Adventuring class and the Artisan class.
Because of the games highly advanced engine (designed for systems of the future) many have found that the game runs poorly or not as well as they would have liked, myself included. It is getting better though, I baught the game a week after release and had to turn down the settings so much to get a decent fps that the game looked like EQ and not EQ2 like i saw in the videos.
I enjoying playing Everquest 2. I'm not absolutly in love with it to the point i would say im addicted but you know...its a fun game. I'm happy with my purchace.
If you are looking for a game where you can jump right into and have some fun then avoid everquest 2. It takes time to appreciate and understand it, sure the Isle of Refuge is really fun and fast paced, but once you hit the real world (Qyenos or Freeport) you are hit with a seemingly imsurmountable wall of complexity.
I would hightly recommend that you check out Guild Wars if you are looking for a fun and simple (compared to Everquest 2) MMORPG. I did not buy it because if felt that the lack of player housing and relative artisan class left no room for social prestege.

At anyrate, wait a few months and buy Guild Wars or buy either WoW or EQ2...either way you can't go wrong.
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